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Information Technology

In IT we provide services like Web Designing , App Development, SEO, E-Commerce ,Internet Marketing ,ETC..

Telecom & Network Services

In Telecom we provide services like I&C, P2P Link, FIBER (Overhead & Under Ground), Surevys, Reports ETC..

Industrial Training

Industrial training gives you great experience during your Bachelor of Engineering degree including: First-hand experience working as an engineering professional.

Services We Offer

Installation & Commissioning

Communication is the process of exchange of information between two people. Rise of electronic media have completely changed the mediums of exchanging information. Earlier communications were done through letters, and then came telegraphs & telephones, after that came radio & television and then were developed computer networks & the Internet.

Network Planning

Today’s Network Planning requires great strategies and forward planning. In Network planning it is also important to make provision for future innovative technology. We offer services for GSM, , WCDMA

RF Planning & Design

Radio network planning comprises of radio network dimensioning, planning of the coverage, capacity and frequency allocation and interference analysis. Moreover it includes detailed planning, which concentrate on parameter planning with necessary field measurement

IT Services

We Provide The Services Of IT Like Web Design, Mobile Development, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Android Application, SEO, SEM, ETC..